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The company is located in Jiangsu Province, such as Thailand modern agricultural park, established in March 2003 by the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, agricultural industrialization enterprises, China seed industry 50 strong enterprises -- Jiangsu Zhongjiang seed industry Limited by Share Ltd holdings, a total investment of 30 million yuan, registered capital of 10 million yuan. National company has sold 20 acres of land, construction of seed processing and storage warehouse of 3000 square meters, inspection, office space 2000 square meters, 60T/ group and 10T/ hours of drying line seed seed processing line. The company has a stable seed breeding base of 6000 acres, with annual production and processing of various types of crops seed 10 million kg capacity. The size of the company operating the largest province, the highest standards of intelligent greenhouse seedling of 15000 square meters, formed 20 million batches of sterile seedling / ability.
The company has a strong technical and management personnel, the existing staff of 36, of which 4 senior agricultural, agricultural division 6, college degree or above 16 people. Company to cultivation, crop varieties introduction, promotion, production and management as the foundation, and stronger modern seed industry around the bigger, based on the development of modern agriculture, continue to extend the industrial chain, and gradually from a single seed for farmers for seedling production, full service, full service industry postpartum product acquisition to the development of species.
Companies take the lead in the county to promote the industrialization of the operation, improve the efficiency of grain planting, the revitalization of Rudong rice, flour industry recommendations, the county government attaches great importance to the relevant leadership. Rudong County People's government issued a document in 2015 the establishment of Rudong County food industry chain, Nantong Zhongjiang as an important part of the whole industry chain, to solve the "large farming county, high-quality varieties production standardization", and made its own contribution to the rice and wheat industrialization production scale, standardization, target branding.
The vegetable industry is also the pillar industry of the characteristics of Rudong, Nantong Zhongjiang vegetable seeds, especially cruciferous vegetable varieties has become Jiangsu and the country's well-known brands, independent hybrid cabbage, Pakchoi, cabbage and other resistance varieties exported to more than and 10 provinces and cities nationwide, and through in many international seed fairs, establish cooperation relations with Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, the United States and other counterparts, some varieties have been exported to many countries.
Commercial nursery nursery center has become the center of the Soviet Union in the region's largest scale, to provide a strong support for the development of Rudong County watermelon, broccoli.
Companies adhering to the "leading technology, honest and trustworthy, quality first, service first" business philosophy and "forge ahead, innovation, accumulate steadily, the pursuit of unlimited" consciousness of development, will better serve the company into the development of modern agriculture industry backbone enterprises, the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization.